About Me

Hello there! I’m Ronnie Lee Hurst. Welcome to Song Pioneer. My approach to teaching songwriting is to share the fundamentals and basic structure of crafting songs. Songwriting is a very personal endeavor. I would not presume to tell someone they have to write this way or that, just as I would not tell you how to raise your kids… or future kids.

I would encourage the basics like making sure your kids are loved, fed, clothed, safe, educated, etc. You never know, I may meet your adult kid in the future and I’d like to meet someone who is kind, thoughtful, confident, mature, and basically a pleasant human being.

I don’t want to meet a rude, obnoxious, self centered spoiled immature brat, but that’s just me. I’d like to see you approach your songwriting in the same fashion. Take the time to learn how to craft your songs with the same care that you raise your kids.

Just as I might meet your adult kid someday, I may meet one of your songs being played. If and when I do, I want to be greeted with an interesting melody, intriguing lyrics, and a hook that won’t let me forget that first meeting! In a way, I’m teaching out of selfish interests. I want to hear great songs!

I see myself as the equivalent of a Junior College basketball coach running a basketball camp for middle schoolers. I have the experience to coach them from that age on up to Junior College. Once they have reached that level and are ready to move on to Division 1 and eventually the pro’s they will find other coaches to help them at that level of play.

I say this because I have had success at songwriting including a few publishing deals, a few cuts with indie artists, and making money from my songs. I consider that “Junior College” level. I hope that makes sense.

Plus, just as a Junior College coach loves to see their players move up another level, I am rooting for you to go far beyond what I can teach. I would love to hear a hit song that you wrote being played on the radio someday. I could say that I played a small part in helping you along your songwriting journey.

Learn the fundamentals of songwriting and apply them to how they work best for the genre of music you want to write. There is no magic formula that guarantees a great song. There are techniques and tools that can help you while tapping into your imagination and crafting the song. I want to introduce you to those.

It takes desire, drive, and a willingness to put forth the effort to become a great songwriter. And it won’t happen overnight. It’s a process, a journey that we songwriters can’t help but undertake. A journey that will be frustrating much of the time. But one that always has the promise of a reward just around the next bend.