Why You Should Write Several Bad Songs

Why You Should Write Several “Bad” Songs: Becoming a good songwriter doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a learning process that takes time and practice. A songwiter must accept that they won’t write that hit song immediately. The most important songs you write are those first ones, the songs most new songwiters consider, “bad”.

Why? because you get a little better each time one is finished and you move on to writing the next song. That is the natural process of improving your songwriting skills. Accept that fact and start the journey toward your great songs.

Bad Songs Are Like Bricks

They actually are, even though you may not even realize it. You might ask, “how can I avoid producing bricks”? My answer to that is “bricks are a good thing”!! I hope you are creating solid, heavy ones. Those “bricks”,  laid out next to each other make up the strong foundation that your beautiful mansion is going to be constructed upon.

Building contractors know that no matter which type of structure they are planning to build, the first and most important part of the project is making sure that the foundation is level and solid. If it isn’t, then the structural integrity of the building is going to be compromised from the very beginning. Whatever they erect won’t stand the test of time.

Bad Songs Lead to Good Songs

The same goes for those first songs you write. Whether you realize it or not, by writing one and moving on to the next, then another, you are setting up your future songs to be beautiful and admired pieces of art. All because you laid that solid brick foundation first.

Just like skyrises can’t be built from the top floor down, you won’t write that hit song on your first try, or maybe even your hundredth. And, just like we can’t see the foundation of the Empire State building, it is still there below the surface, and the rest of the building that we do see wouldn’t be standing without it.

There’s No Such Thing As a Bad Song

That’s how important it is to establish your “song foundation” early on. Learn all you can, write as often as you can, then write some more. Listen to hit songs and disect how they are constructed. Study how the songwriter crafted each section and how the parts of the song relate to each other. Look, you are a songwriter, that’s what serious songwriters do.

The rest of the world is longing to hear good music. Heck, I want to hear some great music. Without great songwriters there would not be any great music to listen to. But all great songwriters started out as not so great songwriters. I created this website to help you make that transition.

Check out the articles I’ve written to help you improve your songwriting skills. They will assist you in learning how to write a song. A song, that I hope by now you won’t consider as “bad”, but just another brick.

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So, for my sake, please learn how to craft terrific songs! I’d love to hear them. Write on!

Ronnie Lee Hurst

Hello! I've been a singer/songwriter for years and have a passion for crafting a new song. I also want to help teach the craft to new songwriters coming along.

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